How to update the theme

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How To Update the theme

Omega comes with a built in Theme Updaterthat makes updating the theme very easy! (since Theme Version > 1.8) View the video below:

For versions of the theme < 1.8 you can use the Envato Market Plugin, as described in the next section

Envato Market Plugin

Updating is easy if you use the Envato Market Plugin. For versions of Omega < 1.8, this is the way we recommend you update your theme.

Here are step by step instructions on how to update your theme using the Envato Market plugin:

Step 1 - Install the Envato Market plugin - go to the official page of the plugin and download it. Install and Activate the Envato Market Plugin that you just downloaded.

Step 2 - Click on the Envato Market menu on the admin sidebar.

Step 3 - Enter your Envato API Personal Token. If you don't have an API token you can create one here.

Step 4 - Paste your token in the Token field of the Envato Market menu. Click on Save Changes. token

Step 5 - To check for available updates, go to Appearance->Themes and hover over the main Omega theme. If an update is available, click on the Update Now link. token

Manual Update

If you are having problems using the Envato Market Plugin try updating the theme manually:

Step 1 - Download the theme from Themeforest Marketplace. From the Downloads section click on the Download button and pick the Installable Wordpress file only download.

installable file

We will use that file later to update.

Step 2 - Switch to another theme. Go to Appearance->Themes and select activate on another theme.

Step 3 - To delete the current Omega version, hover over the Omega screenshot and click the Theme Details button. Click the Delete button in the bottom right hand corner of the popup. Now your current Omega theme is deleted. Don't worry, you will not lose any of your work.

Step 4 - To upload the updated theme version, from Appearance->Themes click on the Add New button on top of that page.

add new theme

From the next screen click on the Upload Theme button

upload theme

Step 5 - Click on the Choose File button and pick the .zip file that you downloaded from Step 1.

Choose File

Step 6 - Once the upload is complete, activate the theme from Appearance->Themes and you are done!

Updating Bundled Plugins

Updating your bundled theme plugins comes easy with Omega:

Step 1 - Go to Omega->Plugins.

Step 2 - Enter your Purchase Code in the related field and hit Save Purchase Code

Step 3 - From the list of plugins hover on the desired plugin and hit the Update link, if an update is available.

bundled plugins

For a more detailed tutorial, view the video below