Revolution Slider

How to setup Revolution Slider

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Revolution Slider

Installing revolution slider plugin

Revolution Slider plugin comes bundled with the theme. If you go to Appearance->Install Plugins, you can install it from the list of the required plugins. Once installed, activate it.

Creating a slider

Click on the Revolution Slider menu item on the admin panel. You can create a new slider if you click on the Create New Sliderbutton on the next screen. Revolution Slider

For more info on how to create a new slider read on the documentation of the plugin.

Adding a slider to a page

A slider is added to a page via the Revolution Slider shortcode. From the settings of the shortcode, pick the slider that you wish to add Revolution Slider

Take a look at the video on how to add a revolution slider to a page: How to add a Revolution Slider to a page

Importing a slider

To import a slider click on Revolution Slider on the admin sidebar. From the next screen click on the Import Sliderbutton. You will be asked to upload the import file from a new window that will popup.
When you click on the Revolution Slider menu, if a slider exists, you should see an Export Sliderbutton. Clicking on this button should download the file needed to do an import. Revolution Slider

Updating revolution slider

If you wish to update Revolution Slider, follow these steps

  1. Locate the plugin from the theme folder, inside inc/plugins. The name of the file is
  2. Click on the Revolutin Slider menu on the admin sidebar. Scroll down to the bottom of the next page and click on the Manual Plugin Updatebutton.
  3. Upload the file that you downloaded( and click on Update Sliderfrom the window that pops up.

Revolution Slider

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