Layer Slider

How to setup Layer Slider

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Layer Slider

Omega uses Layer Slider, it is also included in the theme. To find info about how to use LayerSlider, do the following

  • Click on the LayerSlider WP menu on the admin sidebar.
  • Click on the Help tab on the top right corner of the screen to expand. layer slider
  • Navigate around the help menus to find the info that you wish. layer slider
  • Alternatively, if you did not find what you were looking for, visit the LayerSlider for WordPress FAQ link.
Take a look at the video on how to add a Layer Slider to a page: How to add a Layer Slider to a page

Updating Layer Slider

In order to update the Layer Slider plugin you need to follow these steps

  • Download the latest version of the theme and locate the layersliderwp-*.*.*.zip. The file should be in the inc/plugins folder.
  • Go to LayerSlider WP menu from the admin sidebar.
  • Export your sliders from the Export Slidersmetabox(might not be necessary, but to be sure that you will not lose your work)
  • Uninstall the previous Layerslider from the Plugins menu.
  • Reinstall the newly downloaded version of the plugin from Plugins->Add New. Upload the .zip file that you downloaded previously.
  • If your sliders have been deleted, reimport them from the LayerSlider WP menu from the admin sidebar, from the Import Slidersmetabox.