Installation instructions for the Omega theme

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How To Download the Theme Video

Downloading from ThemeForest

To get your copy of the theme follow the instructions below.

Log in to your themeforest account and then goto the account menuand click the Downloadsoption from the dropdown Theme Forest downloadThen you can select your purchased theme and click the Downloadbutton, followed by the All files & documentationoption. Theme Forest downloads page

Zip file contents

Once you have downloaded the zip file, you can on unzip it using your favourite ZIP software. When it has finished you should have a folder with the following files & directories inside.

Folder Contents
icons Set of hi resolution flat icons
demo Demo content data for import
documentation contains theme's documentation
licensing theme licence files
psds all the themes layered PSD files for Adobe Photoshop the wordpress theme zip file ( for installation into WordPress ) the wordpress Child theme zip file


Installing the theme

How To Install Video

The video below shows you how to upload the Omega theme, install the demo content and activate it in WordPress. Also, it shows how to install the theme plugins.

Installation methods

There are two ways to install the Omega theme.

Via WordPress (Recommended)

  1. Login to the wordpress administration panel
  2. Go to Appearance > Themes
  3. Click the Install Themes tab
  4. Click the Upload link at the top of the page
  5. Click the choose file button in the Install a theme in .zip format box
  6. Browse for the theme zip inside the theme folder and click Install Now.
  7. The Installed Theme from uploaded file will display the resolts of the installation.
  8. Once you have uploaded the theme, you need to activate it by going to Appearance > Themes, and activate Omega.


  1. Connect to your website host, using some of many FTP clients, for example FileZilla.
  2. Go to your default WordPress themes folder, and upload Lambda into that folder. Properly uploaded theme should have path like this : ../wp-content/themes/lambda
  3. Once you have uploaded the theme, you need to activate it by going to Appearance > Themes, and activate Lambda.

Child theme

We have provided a child theme in case you want to modify the theme while keeping it up to date. The child theme is included within the main download zip file.

To use the child theme upload it as the standard theme and then activate it in Appearance > Themes from the WordPress menu.

How To Install Theme Plugins Video

Installing the theme plugins is now a piece of cake( since theme version 1.8 )! Follow the instructions on the video to see for yourself:

Install Plugins Instructions

This applies to theme versions < 1.8. For versions >= 1.8, see this section
Now that you have installed and activated Omega, navigate to the Appearance->Install Plugins menu. There, you will see a list of the plugins that we recommend you install for use with the theme. Install/activate the plugins one by one.

It is not essential to install all plugins that come with the theme, just the ones you need to make your site. Some of the demo content packages require you to install certain plugins, more on that in the demo content page


Here are some solutions for common problems when installing a theme

Are you sure you want to do this

If when installing the theme you see this error: Are you sure you want to do this?, you will need to change the following parameters in your php.ini file:


If you don't have access to php.ini, please contact your host. Or try adding the following lines to your .htaccess file.

php_value  post_max_size  25M
php_value  upload_max_filesize  25M