Creating testimonials

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Adding testimonials

The Testimonials menu option on the left is where you add testimonials. To add a new testimonial, select the Testimonials > Add New option from the left hand WordPress menu. When you create a new testimonial, you need to setup one more option.

  • Citation: reference to the source of the quote.
  • Feature image: (optional) feature image for the testimonial.

Adding testimonials to a page

If you wish to add testimonials to your page, you can show them as a slideshow, or as a list. If you want to have a slideshow of the testimonials, follow these steps. Once you have created an empty row,

  • press the Add element button of the Visual Composer and choose the Testimonials element. Now you can edit the Testimonials


  • Choose a group: group of testimonials to show.
  • Number Of Testimonials: number of Testimonials to display.
  • Show avatars: display the featured image as avatar.
  • Speed: set the speed of the slideshow cycling, in milliseconds.
  • Randomize: randomize the ordering of the testimonials.
  • Text Align: sets the text alignment of the blockquote and citation of the testimonial.
  • Text Color: set the text color of the heading.
  • Margin Top: amount of space to add above this element.
  • Margin Bottom: amount of space to add below this element.
  • Scroll Animation: animation that will occur when the user scrolls onto the element.
  • Animation Delay: delay after scrolling onto the element before animation starts.
  • Extra Classes: Add any extra classes you need to add to this element. ( space separated )

Testimonials List

In case you want to have the testimonials show as a list, once you have created an empty row, choose the Testimonials List element and edit the options below to set up the list. Testimonial

The extra options that appear on this shortcode are

  • List Columns: number of columns to show testimonials in.
  • Animation Timing: will animate all testimonials at once or each one individually .