Scroll-to Buttons

How to create a scroll-to button

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Creating a scroll-to button

A scroll-to button is a button that once clicked, scrolls to a section of a page that we want. In order to create a scroll-to button follow these steps.

  1. Assign to the section that you want to scroll to an id, as in

     <section id="last" class="section section-normal">

    Section Id

  2. Create a link anywhere inside the section that you want to add the scroll-to button to. Set the href to be the value of the id that you previously set for the section, preceeded by a #.

  3. Add the class scroll-to-id to the link, as in

     <a href="#last" class="btn btn-warning btn-lg scroll-to-id" target="_self">scroll down</a>

    Section Id

  4. Clicking on this button now should scroll to the section with the id last.

You can create a scroll-to button using the Button shortcode from Visual Composer, whereby you add the 'scroll-to-id' class to the Extra classes field and the '#last' to the Link field of the button settings