Post Type Urls

Setting the post type urls

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Configuring the post type urls

To configure your post type urls and archive pages, click on Lambda->Post Types from the admin sidebar.

You can set the slug for the Portfolio, Service, Staff by filling the related spaces. This will create a special url for your post types. For example, if your Portfolio URL slugis set to portfolioand your portfolio item has a slug my-item, the url of your portfolio item would be

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Archive Pages

In case you want the root url of your post type to link to a separate page, you can do that by setting an archivepage for each post type. For example, if your Portfolio URL slugis set to portfolio, and you want a page to appear at the following url.

To set a page that will appear on the above url you will need to set the Portfolio Archive Pageoption to point to a page of your choice, i.e Home - Classic.

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