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Online Docs Available Looks like you are looking at the offline docs. You can find possibly more up to date docs online here

Setting the 404 page

In Lambda theme you can create a page and set it to be your 404 page. To do that go to Lambda->General and set the Page Link option to the page that you want.That's all!

One page version

In Lambda theme it is easy to create a one page template version. All you have to do is create sections and assign a unique id to each.

After creating the sections add a menu using the section id's in the menu elements.

Take a look at the video on how to create a one page template : one page version video

Note: If you are going to implement more than one pages and you need to navigate to the one-page from them, you must use absolute paths when setting your menu links., i.e lambda.oxygenna.com/personal/#services instead of #services.

Menu Links