Setting the map

How to setup a map in your page

Online Docs Available Looks like you are looking at the offline docs. You can find possibly more up to date docs online here

Map Shortcode

To add a basic map to your page you need to use Visual Composer:

  1. Edit the page and add an empty row
  2. Inside the row add the Google Map shortcode
  3. To set your map markers, first set the Marker Addresses field. Divide addresses with pipe character |
  4. If you want to set the latitude and longitude instead, add them to the Marker Lat/Lng, comma separated, as in
     30.2174524, 23.9336277 | 31.2174524, 23.9166277

    Divide coordinates with pipe character |. Adding both addresses and lat/lng, the addresses option will be used
  5. If you want to set labels for your markers, add them in the Marker Labels field by the same order you have set your markers.
  6. Fill in the rest of the shortcode options to fully customize your map.

Create an API Key

To use the Google Map shortcode you need to get an API Key which will activate the Google Maps JavaScript API and any related services automatically. To get the key, visit the Google Docs here. On that page click on the GET A KEY button page optionsFrom the next screen, if logged into your Google account, click on the Continue button with the Create a project option picked from the select dropdown. page options

From the next screen, once the project is created, give a name to your key and click Create. A popup will show up with the key. Copy it and go to Lambda->General, scroll down to the Google Maps API key option and paste the key on that field. page options