Demo Content

How to set up the themes demo content

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Installing Content

How To Install The Demo Content Video

The video below shows you in detail how to install the demo content onto your WordPress site.

Step By Step Instructions

Here are the instructions on how to install a demo content site.

Step 1 - Select Lambda/ Demo Contentfrom the Admin bar side menu. Demo Content Install Page

Step 2 - Choose a demo content site to install and then click the View DetailsButton. Demo Content Detail Page

Step 3 - Make sure you have all the required plugins installed for the demo content installer to continue. If you have any red x marks in the required plugins section click the Install Pluginsbutton and install the required plugins.

Step 4 - Click the blue Installbutton. Demo Content Checklist Page

Step 5 - Click the Install the package button. If you have any errors in the pre install check list look at the troubleshooting section. Demo Content Installer Page

Step 6 - Wait for the demo content installer to install all the demo content

Step 7 - Your all done!

Revolution Slider Demo Slides

Since version 1.14.2+, due to the fact that Lambda comes shipped with a major update of Revolution Slider(version 5), our global styles are declared as !important, so that they do not get overriden by the plugin's inline styles.

In order to keep our demo importer fully functional for Revolution Slider, this is a vital-although a bit frowned upon- process.

However, this means that the user should take into consideration that captions using our static global styles will not respond to many changes made via the plugin's styling toolbar. Demo Content Revolution Slider


WP Memory Limit

Sometimes the demo content installer might cause your server to run out of memory during the installation. To combat this you can always up the memory limit that WordPress uses.

  • Edit wp-config.php and enter the following above the line that says / That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. /
    define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '96M');
  • If you can access your server's PHP.ini file, then find the following line and increase the memory limit ie:
    memory_limit = 96M
  • If you cant't have access PHP.ini try adding this to the bottom of the .htaccess file at the root of your WordPress site:
    php_value memory_limit 96M
  • If you don't feel confident to attempt the above please contact your host provider.

PHP cURL fsock

In order for the demo content installer to be able to download the demo content, you will need to have either PHP cURL or fsock enabled in your PHP settings.


Install cURL Instructions on how to install PHP cURL


To enable fsock you need to edit your php.ini and make sure you have the following config

allow_url_fopen = On

Removing Content

If you want to remove the demo content that has been installed you can do so by following the instructions below

WARNING! This will remove all the pages / posts / widgets / menus / skins that were installed by the demo content installer. All content will be removed / even pages you may have edited

Step 1 - Select Lambda/ Demo Contentfrom the Admin bar side menu. Step 2 - Note one of the demo content packages is marked installedclick the view details button for this package. Step 3 - Click the remove button in the bottom right corner of the popup window. Demo Content Installer Remove Step 4 - Read the instructions carefully and if you are positive you want to revert your site back to its original state click the I'm sure button