How to use the WordPress Appearance Customiser with the Lambda theme

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The customizer is a unique feature that offers great visualization over the changes that you might want to apply to your website, before you even save them! A lot of options offered in a single screen, giving you the ability to customize your website without waiting for loading screens and giving you an immediate impression of how your website will look, before you accept your changes. Customization has never been easier! Customizer

Opening the customiser

The customizer is located under the Appearance->Customize menu.

Previewing changes

A full preview of your website is shown as you are working with the customizer at any time. Changes are being applied on the fly, while you can also navigate to different pages on your site to preview them.

Adding widgets

From the widget menu of the customizer you can easily assign your widgets to all your widget positions. When you click on Widgets, a new menu appears on the customizer, showing all the available widgets positions. Clicking on one of them expands the accordion that shows all the widgets set for that position. From there, you can either add, delete or edit your widgets. Customize widgets

Saving Changes

Your changes will be saved once you click on the Save & Publish button located at the top right corner of the customizer window.