1.15.4 (July 16, 2019)

Bug Fixes

  • email-piping: use default privacy option when creating ticket through email piping
  • i18n: all translations now take into account the "Translate based on user's locale" option
  • new-ticket: fixed bug where multiple products could not be selected


  • filters: added filters for allowed admin pages and admin redirect page
  • login: added remember me functionality
  • search: added search tickets by id functionality

1.15.3 (October 22, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • docs: better instructions for registering users if using another plugin
  • email-piping: fixed bug with some email providers not marking emails as unread
  • email-piping: fixed issue with attachments in email piping
  • layout: fixed layout in firefox when there is a long ticket list
  • login: only valid fast users are now able to login
  • ticket: agent now falls back to use default agents if no product agent set
  • translation: fixed issue where ticket status terms would be assigned wrong slugs during their creation.

1.15.2 (September 3, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • avatars: fix bug when disable avatars from WordPress discussion page
  • new-ticket: dialog describing the error is shown if user search fails.
  • new-ticket: fixed a bug that prevented agents from registering new customers during ticket creation
  • search: public search now gets properly fired from url params upon refresh. search string is now optional.
  • search: public search pagination fixed
  • tickets: fix notice when creating a ticket


  • docs: updated secure-fields plugin documentation with secure api dependency management section
  • tickets: added create ticket button to landing page

1.15.1 (August 6, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • email-piping: Now allowing empty email messages with attachments
  • envato: fix notice on purchase information
  • i18n: Fixed broken text options during ticket creation
  • i18n: fixed pagination translations
  • i18n: fixed translations in search pages
  • i18n: Fixed wrong text domain in some option values
  • i18n: missing translation in customer notes editor placeholder
  • i18n: missing translation in new ticket customer tab
  • i18n: Po files are kept up to date with latest strings from the pot file.
  • i18n: Tab label in ticket creation is now properly displayed
  • login: App now redirects to login on session timeout
  • login: App now stores user's previous page before logging him out once session expires
  • new-ticket: product & category selection fixed on mobile screens
  • tickets: Customers now see only their open tickets in the sidebar when using 'My tickets' filter.


  • avatars: added option to show / hide avatars
  • login: Redirect to previous url after login

1.15.0 (June 22, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • editor: Quill now also includes parchment version 1.1.4 which fixes Japanese character issue.
  • rtl: if language is rtl email text now formatted rtl
  • ticket: agent to agent tickets now send correct email


  • comments: added filters to wp-admin comments page to separate ticket comments from posts & pages
  • docs: added email piping description to docs
  • docss: clearer email piping instructions for office 365 email addresses
  • envato: envato purchase error messages now show in ticket & refresh time for data now shown in purchase popup
  • new-ticket: agents can now create tickets for customers
  • new-ticket: more secure checks for Envato ticket creation

1.14.2 (June 6, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • email-piping: email piping now offers option to set IMAP server charset encoding - fixes connection issues to Office 365
  • envato: fixed "this data set requires exactly 1 argument(s)" error when refreshing Envato purchase

1.14.1 (May 30, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • editor: updated quill editor to latest version. fixes japanese character issues.
  • layout: fixed bug causing filter menu collapsing in ie11.
  • new-ticket: changed text of exit create ticket button to just exit for easier translation
  • tickets: fixed sidebar rendering issue of extra fields with text area type


  • delete-me: fast is now compatible with the delete me plugin
  • login: added login url option. the default app login screen will be used if option is left blank.
  • tickets: added option that disables attachment uploads

1.14.0 (May 21, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • analytics: fixed dashboard layout
  • new-ticket: fixed a bug that was preventing some steps from being displayed during the ticket creation process
  • products: hide envato products in new ticket product step


  • register: added acceptance checkbox option in registration page.
  • gdpr: added sample plugin policy template under wordpress privacy policy guide.
  • gdpr: added gdpr section to documentation
  • gdpr: all ticket, comment and purchase data is added to WordPress export personal data tool
  • gdpr: all ticket, comments and purchase data is deleted by WordPress erase personal data option

1.13.2 (May 14, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • new-ticket: fixed bug for wrong agent assignment
  • notifications: ticket category, if there is one, will replace '[product]' placeholder during slack and mail notifications.


  • translation: email subject and content options are translated to receiver's language if wpml is active
  • translation: user based translation is non-mandatory anymore - moved to an option
  • wpml: all plugin options are now translatable using wpml

1.13.2 (May 14, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • new-ticket: Fixed bug for wrong agent assignment


  • translation: Email subject and content options are translated to receiver's language if wpml is active
  • translation: User based translation is non-mandatory anymore - moved to an option
  • wpml: all plugin options are now translatable using WPML

1.13.1 (May 10, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • email: updating comments no longer sends emails.
  • i18n: added missing translations in public search page
  • layout: hide scrollbar in ticket list on Chrome
  • permalinks: fixed missing agent-search & ticket-404 permalinks
  • profile: profile page link now works when new user logs in
  • register: fixed alignment issue with last name field
  • search: fixed missing envato username search field
  • tickets: fixed an error that manifested if a ticket needed more than 10 seconds to load
  • tickets: internal reply checkbox now properly marks a reply as private when it's checked by default.
  • tickets: fixed bug when replying to a ticket then switching to another ticket


  • print: added print styles for ticket pages
  • policy: added new support policy footer link options
  • performance: improved ticket loading speed

1.13.0 (April 27, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • editor: link functionaliy works properly in editors that appear inside dialogs
  • tickets: added dropshadow on card comment arrow
  • tickets: bug when closing ticket detail sidenav by clicking outside


  • tickets: multiple ticket type support (see documentation)
  • app: fast is now embeddable in any page through a shortcode
  • app: update to angular 5, material 5 and ngrx 5
  • customer-notes: agents can now add and edit useful information related to a ticket's author.
  • products: products can now have images
  • tickets: added option for default category to email piping
  • admin: agents now shown in column for categories in WordPress admin

1.12.3 (April 2, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • api: all PUT requests changed to POST (some hosting companies block PUT)
  • docs: removed links to ticksy from support section of docs
  • favicon: added instructions on how to set favicon image
  • roles: make sure roles are checked as an array (BBPress breaking this)


  • i18n: allow ticket taxonomies to be translated by adding them to .po .mo files
  • users: option to automatically add ticket customer role if external plugin used for customer registration

1.12.2 (February 5, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • ajax: fixed bug that blocked admin_ajax calls from other plugins (thanks ace4space)
  • login: forced background images on login / registration / new ticket page to use https if needed.
  • woocommerce: fix bug introduced in 1.9.2 loading WC code

1.12.1 (January 30, 2018)

Bug Fixes

  • analytics: Fixed average response time and changed scale to hours
  • details: Customer tickets link now links to list of customer tickets
  • caps: Edit ticket comment cap now stops customers from editing / deleting ticket comments
  • woocommerce: WooCommerce now works when plugin is network activated
  • wpml: Support page now loads on WPML translated page
  • wpml: Added filter that makes FAST work with WPML translation plugin
  • toolbar: Burger menu now shows when menu closed using backdrop on mobile

1.12.0 (18th January 2018)

  • Feature Customers can now search public tickets
  • Feature Added RTL support
  • Feature New option to use Reply-To header in email piping.
  • i18n New Russian translation (thanks Alisa)
  • Fix Better font rendering in FireFox
  • Fix Autofill passwords fixed on login page fixed for FireFox
  • Fix Shortcut dialog text is now translatable.
  • Fix New ticket card now uses more width of the screen.
  • Fix IOS now not zooming on input element focus

1.11.1 (3rd January 2018)

  • Feature You can now set initial extra and secure field values using a filter
  • Feature Pressing escape while typing a reply will display a warning dialog if reply has content
  • Feature Added profile link option
  • Feature Added keyboard shortcuts menu option
  • Fix Proper locale for translations when using wordpress API
  • Fix Timing issue that manifested when one edited the only comment in a ticket.
  • Fix New users created through email piping have the proper associated meta data.

1.11.0 (11th December 2017)

  • Feature NEW Customisable Fonts & Colors
  • Feature NEW Dark Skin - Blue & Cyan
  • Feature Added option that prevents envato users with expired support from replying to tickets.
  • Feature Added option that sets the maximum allowed attachment size.
  • Feature Added support page label in admin pages list.
  • i18n Dates in charts now translated into users language.
  • Fix Ticket search data now updated when comment is edit.
  • Fix Line breaks now work when a comment is edited by customers.
  • Fix Special chars in saved replies title now show ok.
  • Fix Ticket list in sidenav fixed in FireFox
  • Fix Update link now shows correct cursor in FireFox
  • Fix View link for secure fields now only appears to the agent if the ticket has secure fields.
  • Fix Refresh on search page no longer makes 404 (requires save permalinks)
  • Fix Now rendering taxonomy filters in sidebar in a more intuitive way ( modified date DESC ).
  • Fix Blockquotes now rendering ok in ticket comments
  • Fix Ticket Customer role no longer locks out administrators
  • Fix More information added to error dialog
  • Fix Logo alignment in ticket creation wizard

1.10.1 (27th November 2017)

  • Feature Ticket count and link to support page added to admin bar.
  • Fix Agents not being shown on Tickets -> Products admin table.
  • Fix Admin Languages not being overriden when plugin is active
  • Fix Editing links does not remove editor content anymore.
  • Fix Better CSS handling of line breaks in comments.
  • Fix Chart height in analytics fixed to 400px.
  • Statuses Statuses are now blocked from being created & deleted.

1.10.0 (16th November 2017)

  • Feature Added keyboard shortcuts.
  • Feature Upload logo for branding on Login / Register and main ticket pages.
  • Feature Translations now loaded from one single translation file
  • i18n Added new Spanish translations (thanks rick_rutell)
  • i18n Added new Brazillian tranlsations (thanks tuliovargas)
  • i18n Added new Russian tranlsations (thanks morisalisa)
  • Envato Envato purchases now make timed updates when ticket page is loaded
  • Security Added option to remove users/ endpoints from rest API

1.9.2 (8th November 2017)

  • FeatureAnalytics sidebar now displays private tickets as well.
  • Feature Highlighted text is now automatically placed in the 'Insert Link' dialog once the link button is pressed.
  • Fix Opened tickets are now logged properly.
  • Fix Selected ticket in sidebar is now highlighted properly.

1.9.1 (2nd November 2017)

  • Fix Issue with buttons that caused problems in Safari.
  • Documentation Updated documentation with explanation about ticket assignment.

1.9.0 (1st November 2017)

  • Feature Secure Fields API Example & Plugin now included
  • Feature Analytics dashboard with many informative reports on ticket activity.
  • Feature Average Response Time shown in ticket sidebar.
  • Feature New look ticket creation wizard.
  • Feature New option to enable / disable extra fields.
  • Feature New option that allows ticket creation for specific woocommerce order statuses.
  • Angular Updated to Angular and Angular Material.

1.8.1 (16th October 2017)

  • Feature New option to hide a client's Email in the ticket details section.
  • Feature Fast now works with plain permalinks.
  • Feature Secure fields can now be updated even if not first provided on ticket creation
  • Feature Secure fields filter fast_filter_save_secure_fields now sends extra param detailing types of secure fields as well as values.
  • Feature New option to enable / disable secure fields.
  • Fix For preview of attachments.

1.8.0 (28th September 2017)

  • Feature Customer Info in sidebar - See more customer information in ticket list
  • Feature Thumbnail Navigation in comment media attachments.
  • Feature Auto Close tickets after time period.
  • Feature Mark tickets as agent / customer / no response needed.
  • Feature Added Convert Customers Button for existing WooCommerce site customers.
  • Feature Added Advanced Convert Customers Button for other plugins existing site customers.
  • Feature New option to send new user details email when a customer registers.
  • Feature New WordPress Customer Search option search using customer name / username / email
  • Feature New material design look for tickets search results page.
  • Feature New option that makes the 'Internal reply' checkbox appear checked by default for all agents.
  • Feature New option to not validate IMAP certificate in email piping.
  • Feature FAST is now Akismet compatibile
  • Fix Blue badges in filters dropdown now only shows open tickets not total.
  • Fix Notice on woocommerce account page.
  • Docs Updated Documentation

1.7.1 (20th September 2017)

  • Feature Added option for overriding email address & email name filter.
  • Fix Email not being sent when replying using email piping.
  • Fix Agent is now properly assigned when there is only one product.

1.7.0 (11th September 2017)

  • Feature Secure fields - Store ticket data externally
  • Feature Internal comments - Agents can now make private internal comments that arent viewable by customers.
  • Feature - Envato username ticket search (when envato mode is enabled)
  • Feature New Angular Build Optimizer reduced size of JS by 55%
  • Feature Added option to set filter for ticket attachment file types
  • Feature Added JS event (fastCreateTicket) when create ticket button is clicked to allow custom actions.
  • Feature Added option to hide add purchase input & button on create ticket in Envato mode.
  • Feature Added option to limit the use of Envato purchase codes to one user only.
  • Fix Issue that was breaking routing in IE.
  • Fix Issue when deleting a ticket that had comments and attempted to navigate to another ticket.
  • Fix Author results page generated in ticket details, by using the author as a url param.
  • Fix Issue when assigning product / agent / status reset ticket updated time stamp.
  • Fix Frontend now sets browser title correctly during navigation

1.6.3 (27th August 2017)

  • Feature Improved capability checks for editing & deleting ticket comments
  • Feature Users must now have edit_comment capability (this is added to all FAST roles automatically on update)
  • Feature Changed url params for search results page, allows results pages to be opened in separate tabs
  • Feature Route changes now trigger regular JS events for developers to hook into.
  • Feature Extra CSS option no longer removes line breaks.
  • Feature Added envato username to ticket details sidebar
  • Fix bug when exiting create ticket then clicking in sidebar
  • Fix TextArea extra field no longer truncates text
  • Fix Hi button no longer clears editor
  • Fix Support page title now shows in app

1.6.2 (10th August 2017)

  • Feature Added option to change Product taxonomy name to Advanced options
  • Feature Added option to disable registration page
  • Feature Added option to set exit icon in toolbar of app
  • Feature Added logout url option to take logging out users to another url
  • Feature Added hide profile menu option
  • Fix URL extra field now filters for http / https
  • Fix Removed Show Site URL Field option (no longer needed)

1.6.1 (4th August 2017)

  • Fix Bug when selecting order from my orders page in WooCommerce.
  • Fix Bug when assigning agents to WooCommerce product.

1.6.0 (2nd August 2017)

  • Feature Ticket details now shows link to all customers tickets
  • Feature Added quick hi button for agents that writes Hi + customers name in reply
  • Feature WooCommerce Mode now allows product and product category agent assignment
  • Feature New look for WooCommerce Order and Product tables.
  • Fix Bug when logging in with WooCommerce active
  • Fix Bug when app opens on mobile with sidemenu open
  • Fix For tickets with long titles

1.5.1 (27th July 2017)

  • Feature Nicer ordering of tickets in Product / Agent / Status filters
  • Fix Extra fields bug when creating tickets repeatedly
  • Fix Bug in Status filter visibility option

1.5.0 (14th July 2017)

  • Feature Email Piping - You can now create or reply to tickets with email!
  • Feature Mobile experience much improved
  • Feature Added Customers can reply to closed tickets option
  • Feature Added extra text option to email template that is added above the ticket button.
  • Feature Added options to add / remove login / register types from login and register pages.
  • Feature Added extra CSS option to allow extra CSS to be added to the frontend app.
  • Feature Added customer email address to ticket detail sidebar.
  • Fix Hide product tab when only one Ticket product is avaliable and auto select it.
  • Fix Issue with background image in new ticket screen

1.4.1 (5th July 2017)

  • Fix Invalid after param error when posting new comment and comments refresh
  • Fix Error popup when connection is lost
  • Fix For user being logged out after invalid cookie.
  • Fix Login / Register page on mobile view

1.4.0 (3rd July 2017)

  • Feature FAST will now handle WooCommerce shop support!
  • Feature Fast now override WP Settings -> Discussion -> Allow people to post comments on new articles option for tickets.
  • Feature Default email template now has nicer colors.
  • Feature Added comment order option. Descending displays the newest tickets at the top of the page.
  • Feature Added forgot my password link to plugin login page
  • Feature Invalid cookie will now redirect to login page instead of popping an error.
  • Feature More responsive login/register page buttons.
  • Feature Valid Envato Purchase now auto selected when added.
  • Feature Toast message now appears if customer adds a purchase where support is expired.
  • Feature Added WordFence options to documentation - thanks CodinBit
  • Fix Bug uploading image from new ticket in FireFox

1.3.3 (26th June 2017)

  • Fix Bug fetching purchases when logging in using as Envato user

1.3.2 (22nd June 2017)

  • Feature All links in ticket comments now open in a new tab.
  • Fix Bug in 1.3.1 in assigning WP user to agent

1.3.1 (19th June 2017)

  • Fix Bug in option to hide / show Agent / Product / Status filters.
  • Fix Bug when creating a ticket using envato login
  • i18n Updated translation files

1.3.0 (14th June 2017)

  • Feature New Create Ticket page with wizard style.
  • Feature New Envato Purchase selection page when creating a ticket.
  • Feature New option to add Extra Fields to tickets.
  • Feature New option to set FavIcon counter colors.
  • Feature New link tool for adding links in comments.
  • Feature New option to set timing of WordPress comment flood.
  • Feature New option to hide / show Agent / Product / Status filters.
  • Feature Added support for FAST to be used as your WordPress front page.
  • Feature New option to set all tickets to be private.
  • Fix Ticket comments no longer show in comments widget.
  • Fix Bug when user logs out.
  • Fix Bug showing ticket needs reply when ticket is closed.
  • Fix Bug which was preventing attachment upload in Firefox.
  • Fix Attachment file name encoding issue.
  • Fix Bug when using hyphens and special chars in ticket titles
  • Fix Agents do not get an email when they assign tickets to themselves anymore.

1.2.0 (25th May 2017)

  • Feature Added new border radius option to email template
  • Feature Added total ticket counter to filters dropdown menu
  • Feature Added Make private option to public tickets
  • Feature Added Saved replies for quick replying to tickets
  • Feature FavIcon now displays ticket counter
  • Feature Better styling for screenshot popup dialogs
  • Feature New Ticket Search page for agents
  • Feature Avatars can now be customized using the WP User Avatar plugin
  • Fix Removed rewrite rules for custom post type and taxonomies
  • Fix Removed comment feeds from WordPress
  • Fix New comment Slack notices and emails have always the proper author.
  • Fix Comment updates. New comments are now fetched properly for all timezone settings.
  • Fix Private tickets are now counted in Product, Agent, Status taxonomies.

1.1.0 (15th May 2017)

  • Fix Bug on refresh page when on ticket page
  • Feature Sidebar ticket times now updated with ticket comments
  • Feature Translation files added for app and plugin
  • Feature Translations for French / German / Greek / Spanish / Italian / Japanese / Portuguese / Russian / Chinese added
  • Feature User can now choose language when registering
  • Feature Added extra options to customize support emails
  • Feature Removed create ticket button for agents (can be re-enabled in options)
  • Docs Updated docs with Plugin update & Translation instructions
  • Docs Updated documentation

1.0.2 (9th May 2017)

  • Fix Bug that stopped Agent ticket filters working

1.0.1 (8th May 2017)

  • Feature Added check for valid site url
  • Feature Added return key support to login form
  • Feature Better ordering of customer tickets
  • Feature Added open / closed ticket filters to Customer view
  • Fix Scrolling issue in FireFox
  • Fix Mismatching Gravatar issue
  • Fix Broken image on login / register pages
  • Fix PHP 5.3 Compatibility
  • Fix Bug when creating ticket using Envato purchase code

1.0.0 (2nd May 2017)

  • Initial submission to CodeCanyon