How to create a slideshow.

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Lambda uses flexslider to create impressive and responsive slideshows that respond even to touch events. The general markup used to create a slideshow is the following

<div class="flexslider" id="someID">
  <ul class="slides">
      A slide (any content)
        Another  slide (any content)

You can control the behaviour of the slideshow by passing data attributes to the .flexslider div. The data attributes used are:

  • data-slideshow: defines if the slider will start automatically (“true”) or not (“false”), default value “true”.
  • data-flex-animation: defines the animation type, “slide” (default) or” fade”.
  • data-flex-speed: defines the slideshow animation speed, 7000 (default) or any number.
  • data-flex-directions: defines the visibility of the navigation arrows, “hide” or “show” (default).
  • data-flex-directions-type: defines the type of the direction arrows, “fancy” (with background like the “our clients” slideshow ) or “simple”.
  • data-flex-directions-position: defines the positioning of the direction arrows, “inside” (inside the slider, default) or” outside” the slider.
  • data-flex-controls: defines the visibility of the navigation controls, “hide” (default) or “show”.
  • data-flex-controlsposition: defines the positioning of the controls, “inside” (default), or “outside”.
  • data-flex-controlsalign: defines the alignment of the controls, “center” (default) “left” or “right”.
  • data-flex-itemwidth: the width of each item in case of a multi item carousel, 0 (default for 100%) or a number representing pixels (you can read more on flexsliders website ).

For example, to create a slideshow with navigation arrows and navigation controls outside the slideshow aligned to the left, that uses the effect “fade” and changes every 5 seconds you should use the following markup.

<div class="flexslider" data-flex-directions=”show”  data-flex-directions-type=”simple” data-flex-controls=”show”  data-flex-controlsalign=”left”  data-flex-speed=5000  id="someID">
Default values can be omitted. For more info on Flexslider please visit the owner's website here
Each slideshow should have an id.