Now you have all the prerequisites installed on your system the next step is to grab the latest copy of Cryptum from ThemeForest.

  • First of all you will need to log in to your ThemeForest account

  • Click your account menu

  • Click the Downloads link in the dropdown menu

ThemeForest Downloads Page

  • Locate the Cryptum template on your downloads page
  • Click the download button and then select All files & documentation

ThemeForest Downloads Page

Unzipping the download

You should now have a file that looks something like this.

In order to get at the goodness inside you will need to unzip this file.

Zip Contents

Once you have unzipped the Cryptum zip file you will find the following folders have been created.

Folder / File Contents Zip file containing the built HTML/JS/CSS demo Zip file containing the source code and gulp builder
docs/ Contains this documentation
documentation.pdf Contains the PDF version of this documentation
sketch Contains the sketch design files

If you want to use our gulp build system for your project which provides support for SASS, partials and a build system then use the file.

Or if you prefer to just work with plain HTML / JS / CSS then use the

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